DWT Pipe Purge Kit
DWT Pipe Purge Kit
DWT Pipe Purge Kit
DWT Pipe Purge Kit
DWT Pipe Purge Kit
DWT Pipe Purge Kit

DWT Pipe Purge Kit

Handy complete set

  • Practical complete system
  • High-quality and durable case made
    from a sustainable mix of materials
  • Changeable sealing discs Ø 32 - 175 mm
  • For Pipe ID 25 - 165 mm (1 - 6,5”)

 DWT PipeTools 

Item number: RG300139

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Before welding of stainless steel pipes it is recommended to purge the pipe. Weld purging is the act of removing, from the vicinity of the joint, oxygen, water vapour and any other gases or vapours that might be harmful to a welding joint as it is being welded and immediately after welding.
Stainless steels, duplex steels, titanium-, nickel- and zirconium- alloys are sensitive to the presence of air, oxygen, hydrogen, water vapour and other vapours and gases that may combine with the hot metal as it is being joined.
DWT Pipe Purge Kit
Internal Pipe diameter
1 - 6,5" (25 - 165 mm)
Temperature resistance
 max. 320°C
  • Sealing discs (25-175 mm)
  • Base unit (200 mm)
  • 10 m stainless steel cable
  • 10 m hose
  • Coupling
Flyer DWT Pipe Purge Kit

DWT Pipe Purge Kit Advantages
DWT Pipe Purge Kit

Everything you need in one suitcase

Handy pipe purge kit for the useage
on the construction site or workshop

Compatible with all sealing discs

Compatible system to extend the
internal pipe diameter up to 320 mm.
Sealing discs
pipe purging

Easy handling

The pipe purge system can be easily pushed
into the pipe without the system tilting or bending.
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