Environmental guidelines of DWT GmbH

Sustainable for our future!

This is our guiding principle for environmental protection, which we try to live in our everyday work.

Environmental protection is one of our important corporate goals. We see an obligation here to our employees, customers and suppliers - both now and with a view to our future.

The careful use of resources is important to us and we always try to optimize it. Energy, water and materials should be used as sparingly and environmentally friendly as possible.

We produce most of our electricity ourselves with our photovoltaic system. Only green electricity from renewable energies is purchased, so that our electricity consumption is already CO2-neutral.

Our water and heat energy consumption has been at a low level for years. We will continue to strive for further savings in the future.
Our priority is to avoid unnecessary waste. Unavoidable waste should be separated as best as possible and sent for recycling or environmentally friendly disposal.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations is important to us and we work to continuously improve operational environmental protection. Whenever possible, we also take into account new developments and technologies.

Environmental protection can only be successful with the cooperation of all employees. We therefore encourage our employees' sense of responsibility through information and communication.

We seek active dialogue with the outside world through public relations work on our website or through regional media.
Regular checks are intended to ensure compliance with the set goals.

Suggestions for improving our operational environmental protection are expressly desired and will be checked for feasibility and benefits.

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