FAQ about Pipe Cold Cutting

What is a cold pipe cutter? How do I use a cold pipe cutting machine? Why is cold pipe cutting necessary? Questions about questions ☞ find the right answer here.

What is pipe cold cutting?

Pipe Cold cutting is a process for cutting pipes without heating the material. When high temperatures or high heat are not desirable, pipe cold cutting machines are used. This cutting method is very popular, especially in the offshore, high-pressure boiler and pipeline construction industries.
Qu'est-ce que la coupe à froid de tuyaux
Mode d'emploi d'une machine à couper les tubes à froid

How to use a pipe cold cutting machine ?

A pipe cold cutting machine is a rotating machine that is clamped onto the outside diameter of the pipe. A rotating ring with a tool holder and a cutting tool rotates around the pipe and cuts it. 

Why pipe cold cutting?

First of all, pipe cold cutting is important to avoid the heat affected zone and improve the properties of the pipe material. In addition, the process pipe cold cutting is safer than the hot cutting method and is guaranteed to create a bevel or cut end ready for welding for cost-effective operation.
Pourquoi la coupe à froid des tuyaux
What is a heat affected zone

What is a Heat Affected Zone?

In the heat-affected zone (HAZ), a structural change occurs during production without the material melting. This can lead to undesirable changes in the material properties or even to deformation and cracks due to thermal expansion. Especially in processes with high energy requirements, the heat propagation in the material is clearly visible in the color of the tarnish.


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Pipe Cold Cutting Machine

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