Pipe Bevelling Tool easy-to-fit
Pipe Bevelling Tool easy-to-fit
Pipe Bevelling Tool easy-to-fit

Pipe Bevelling Tool for easy to fit

The future of of pipe welding

  • Patented tool solution for easy-to-fit weld preparation
  • Consisting of insert holder and inserts
  • Suitable for pipe beveling machines MF3-25 XL and MF4
  • Reduction of costs for the production of the weld seam
  • No more alignment, pipes are ready for welding

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Item number: 091502118

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Easy to fit is the new welding solution for pipes and fittings, which enables considerable savings throughout the supply chain and can thereby boost the profit in the pipe welding process. The idea of this pipe prepping system has been developed by Erne Fittings in Austria for fitting solutions. In cooperation with DWT in Germany the perfect tools for portable pipe bevelling machines have been developed. Nowadays Pipe welding is still a job for well skilled specialists. To adjust the pipe, to make a good weld preparation and finally to achieve a perfect weld seam for the pipe junction in terms of quality is a sophisticated challenge.
 Especially for high pressure pipes, even if these specialists are available, it is a complicate, time consuming and expansive operation. For highEasy to fit wall-thickness pipe still mistakes can happen to specialists and create a lot of additional work in the factory or on-site. Scientific research by the German University in Chemnitz and by the government welding institute SLV Halle confirm, that the properties of the Easy-to-Fit weld seam are equivalent to or even better than conventional V-welds. Either for automated welding or manual pipe welding the system is simply perfect and the gap-free root can easily be TIG welded.
Easy-to-Fit is a small investment in an intelligent pipe prepping system which ensures greater efficiency, profitability and indeed process stability. Especially for automatic pipe welding the weld end preparation is very complex. The welded joints require a weld gap with very narrow margins. Also the misalignment between root faces must be reduced to a minimum.
This requires major effort to adjust and position parts as the margins allowed by the standards are so large that there is always misalignment. But also for manual pipe welding the system creates huge benefits. Easy to fit means "ready to weld", no matter whether you weld automated or manually and depending on the process up to 50% savings are possible.
  • Reduction of the total cost of producing a weld seam
  • No more alignment, pipes are “ready to weld”
  • Can be repeated reliable for process stability
  • Welding material is saved
  • Perfect welding work regardless of employees' qualifications
Advantages pipe bevelling tool easy to fit

Scientific analysis

Improvements through automatic beveling and welding processes have been demonstrated by IFS and the Technical University of Chemnitz.

perfect connection

Easy plug connection,
no further tools are needed
Easy plug connection
Matching it
Inserts Pipe Beveler
Double-sided TiN inserts provide low costs due to longevity and less heat development

Pipe Beveler MF3-25 XL
Pipe Beveler MF3-25 XL
Portable Pipe Beveler with outside clamping for perfect weld edge preparation.
Working Range ID-OD: 0,496-2,996" (12,5-76,1 mm)

MF3-25 XL
Pipe Beveler MF4
Pipe Beveler MF4
Portable Pipe Beveler with outside clamping for perfect weld edge preparation.
Working Range ID-OD: 0,984-5,236" (25-133 mm)

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