Real-Time Support

Optionally, the machines and tools can be supplied with data glasses with a mini PC. Our expert team or the respective manufacturer can be contacted at any time by scanning a barcode to receive live support at the machine. Operating instructions, sketches or photos can be implemented in the worker‘s field of vision to solve problems during operation, installation or maintenance.
  • You or your technicians can talk directly to our experts
  • The experts see directly and in real time what is happening in front of the data glasses
  • Through the visual interface, our support can mark points, display texts, operating instructions, sketches or photos in the worker‘s field of view
  • Worldwide application possible
  • Portable and battery-based
  • Also available with various attachment options (e.g. helmet, headband)
  • Aumento de la eficiencia de su personal 
  • Reducción de las largas interrupciones de la producción por averías
  • Reducción de los costes de desplazamiento del personal de apoyo, mantenimiento o formación
  • Reducción/evitación de costes
  • Soluciones flexibles in situ a través de su propio personal
Real time support

Real time support

With data glasses we are able to support you worldwide

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