SS Pipe Cutting Machine Exact Inox 220
SS Pipe Cutting Machine Exact Inox 220
SS Pipe Cutting Machine Exact Inox 220
SS Pipe Cutting Machine Exact Inox 220
SS Pipe Cutting Machine Exact Inox 220
SS Pipe Cutting Machine Exact Inox 220

SS Pipe Cutting Machine Exact Inox 220

Purely for Stainless Steel pipe cutting

  • Patented clamping device
  • Worker´s guide through motor load indicator
  • Range of use: OD 0,78" - 8,6" (20-220 mm)
  • The first portable stainless steel pipe cutter
  • All contact points made of stainless steel

 Exact Pipe Cutting 

Item number: RG300080

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The brand new ss pipe cutting machine Exact Inox 220 is the new generation for cutting stainless steel pipes. The powerful motor with 1,600 W and a special saw blade for stainless steel ensure perfect cutting results with a wall thickness of up to 12,5 mm. The pipe diameter (OD) to be cut is between 20 and 220 mm.
Thanks to the operator guidance through the motor load display and the integrated laser for cutting guidance, the perfect cutting of stainless steel pipes is possible without much prior knowledge. All contact points of the pipe cutter are made of stainless steel, which prevents corrosion on the pipe.
SS Pipe Cutting Machine Inox 220
Range of use
OD 0,8" - 8,6" (20-220 mm)
Max. wall thicknes
0,49" (12,5 mm) stainless steel
11,5 kg
220 - 240 V
No-load speed
1.900 & 2.885 rpm
ø Blade
140 mm
Mounting bore
62 mm
  • Exact Inox 220
  • INOX 140 blade
  • Shoulder bag
  • 4 x pipe support
  • Insctructions
  • Allen keys 5 mm & 2 mm
Flyer SS Pipe Cutting Machine Exact Inox 220

SS Pipe Cutting Machine Inox 220 Advantages
Exact Pipe Saw vs Angle Grinder

Time is money

The Exact Pipe Saw makes 10 clean cuts in the same time it takes an angle grinder to make an imprecise cut.

The specialist for stainless steel

The stainless steel pipe cutter Inox stands for the highest cutting edge quality without rework.
SS Pipe Cutting
Safe Pipe Cutting

Extremly safe and easy to use

The Exact Pipe Saw is an extremly easy
tool to use and requires minimal layout and set up.

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Exact Pipe Support 4 pcs.
Exact Pipe Support
4 pcs.
4 Pipe Supports for easy pipe handling and cutting including carrying bag

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