Modular Pipe Purge System I-Purge X
Modular Pipe Purge System I-Purge X
Pipe Purge System I-Purge X
Modular Pipe Purge System I-Purge X
Modular Pipe Purge System I-Purge X
Pipe Purge System I-Purge X

Modular Pipe Purge System

Type I-Purge X

  • One type fits multiple pipe sizes
  • Available for pipe diameters inside 2" - 48"
  • Heat-resistant and spark-retardant outer shell
  • Heavy duty inflatable inner shell

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The I-Purge X comes equipped with its revolutionary Bladder Expansion Technology (BET) that enables one unit to fit multiple pipe sizes. Bladders have the ability to expand and contract to fit each piping specification and are protected by a spark resistant exterior cover that does not combust when exposed to flames and sparks. These state-of-the-art features allow the operator to create multiple configurations, including a one-sided pipe stopper and reducer. Bladders are available in sizes ranging from 2″- 3″ (51 mm – 76 mm) to 38″- 48″ (965 mm – 1219 mm) and may be purchased either individually or as a complete system, a distinct advantage should additional sizes be desired or a component need replacing.
Coupled with an extended length, high heat resistant harness; the I-Purge X is the most versatile pipe purging solution available and is ideal for fabrication shops and any environment with pipe accessibility. Manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials, the I-Purge X is a reusable, long-term solution that is expandable, extendable, and simply extraordinary.
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Product overview

Part No.
Range ID
2-3" (51-76 mm)
4-6" (102-152 mm)
8-12" (203-305 mm)
14-18" (356-457 mm)
20-26" (509-660 mm)
28-36" (711-914 mm)
38-48" (965-1.219 mm)

  • Specifications
    • Inflatable Bladders Modules A & B
      • Equipped with proprietary Bladder Expansion Technology (BET) that enables one unit to fit multiple pipe sizes and schedules
      • Designed to expand and contract numerous times
      • Manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials
      • Inflated bladders create an impermeable, air tight seal on pipe wall for multiple inflation dimensions
      • Spark resistant, durable exterior cover does not melt
      • Heavy-duty interior inflatable bag
      • Re-usable, long-term solution for purging multiple pipes of the same diameter

      High Heat Extended Length Harnesses
      • Internal hose and protective external fiberglass sleeve capable of withstanding high temperatures
      • Flexible bridge harness easily navigates through pipes, including elbows and tees over 90°
      • Kink resistant hose assures continuous gas supply
      • Complete with luminescent indicator for accurate alignment at root gap
      • Various lengths of harnesses available to accommodate heat affected zone (HAZ) during pre-heating and high heat applications
      • I-Purge X 38″ to 48″ is equipped with a high flow harness to expedite inflation

      Quick Connect Interchangeable Fittings
      • Push-button feature enables modules to snap-in-place in seconds
      • State-of-the-art technology allows for greater versatility and easy assembly – enabling the user to create multiple configurations
      • Easy change and replacement of components to avoid costly re-purchase of complete system, with spare parts available for separate purchase
      • Corrosion resistant proven lock mechanism for secure connection

      Proprietary Relief Valve
      • Factory pre-set relief valves allow for precise flow rates while minimizing set-up time and reducing consumption
      • Aids in maintenance of optimum seal on pipe wall
      • Prevents risk of over inflation
      • Low profile relief valve available on 2″ and 3″ model

      Inert Gas Diffuser
      • Patent-pending technology
      • Reduces turbulence by dispersing inert gas equally in all directions within the weld zone, improving weld quality and consistency

      Tri-Flow Inner Tubing System (BLUE, BLACK & WHITE Hoses)
      Multiple inlet/exhaust ports for faster, more efficient weld purging
       Separate Connections:
      • BLUE– Inflation of Bladders
      • Initial function is to inflate bladders then flood weld zone with noble gas

      Carrying Bag
      • When welding is complete, bladders can be deflated, extracted, cleaned and stored in the provided carrying bag
      • Carrying bag protects the bladder when not in use from dust and debris in most industrial work environments, prolonging life

      Pull Loops
      • Strong pull loops can be connected to a rope or chain to insert or remove the I-Purge X
      • It is important that bladders be deflated before insertion or removal
      • Moderate tension (approx. 5 lbs.) should be applied on pull-wires to prevent sagging of the harness during installation and operation

      BLACK – Gas Distribution Within Weld Zone
      • Designed to expedite purging, the secondary (BLACK) purge hose is used to flood the weld zone with inert gas and evacuate oxygen at a faster rate

      WHITE – Exhaust Connection
      • Connect this hose to an Oxygen Monitor, such as Aquasol’s PRO OX®-100 that obtains readings down to 100 PPM (0.01%), for continuous or spot monitoring of oxygen in the weld zone

      I-Purge X Reducer
      • Unlike other models with permanent fittings, a pipe reducer can be easily created by either inflating the unit to two different dimensions or simply connecting two bladders of different, yet similar diameters
      • Combine different sizes to create unique pipe configurations

      I-Purge X Isolator Inflatable Pipe Stopper & Single Purge Bladder
      • The I-Purge X Isolator is designed to function as a pipe plug for a wide range of applications, including purging of valves or tanks, as well as non-purging applications such as pipe system sealing for servicing, cleaning and inspection
      • Constructed of heavy-duty materials designed to withstand the extreme conditions of the petrochemical, utility and construction industries
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