Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine CPC 1500A - pneumatic
CPC 1500A - pneumatic
Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine CPC 1500A - electric
CPC 1500A - electric
Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine CPC 1500A - pneumatic
Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine CPC 1500A - electric

Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine CPC 1500A

Economic machining of pipes

  • Range: 250 - 1.500 mm OD
  • Safe use
  • Robust quality
  • Reliable guidance
  • For iron, steel, stainless steel, ductile

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In the field of pipe cutting technology, CPC pipe cutting machines are a household name worldwide. Their field of application ranges from cutting to length before laying to cutting pipes that have already been laid. CPC pipe cutting machines impress with their robust quality and high cost-effectiveness. They are ideal for the machining of cast iron pipes or Steel pipes suitable for oil, gas and water pipelines used, for example, in pipelines, public supply networks, power stations and process engineering plants as well as in tank construction. Optimised technology ensures high cutting performance.
Especially under difficult conditions, such as pipe bursts, the system shows its operational capability. Thus, the adaptation to different pipe materials results in Ideal cutting and feed speeds through the selection of the right gear graduation. This enables the economical use of HSS and carbide tools.
CPC 1500A - Electric
CPC 1500A - Pneumatic
Range of use
OD 10 - 59" (250 - 1.500 mm)
OD 10 - 59" (250 - 1.500 mm)
Max. wall thickness
1,77" (45 mm)
1,77" (45 mm)
Power output
1.500 W
2.000 W
Idle speed motor
2.860 r/pm
6.000 r/pm
Idle speed tool
35 r/pm
35 r/pm
40 mm/min
40 mm/min
80 kg
68 kg
400 V
50 Hz
Protection class
Protection type
Cable with plug
40 m
Operating pressure
6 bar
Air consumption
4,3 m3/min
  • Safety due to self-start lock
  • Overload protection for the three-phase motor
  • Suitable for cuts on oil & gas pipes without transport material
  • Explosion-proof & moisture-proof 3-phase motor
  • Protection for work on water, oil & gas pipes without transport material
  • Suitable for use in drinking water areas
  • Motor drive parts in stainless steel design
  • The vanes of the motor are swell-proof
  • Even short-term dry running is possible
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Product overview

Item No.
Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine with electric motor
Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine with hydraulic motor
Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine CPC 1500A Advantages
Adjustable cutting depth

Cutting depth adjustment

Enables cutting at permissible cutting depth and minimises wear on the form cutters

Perfect Cutting and Beveling

The solution for setting up and maintaining pipe systems for precise cutting and beveling results
perfect Cutting and Beveling
Reliable Guidance

reliable guidance

The two-chain system with separate spring tensioning heads enables tension-free cuts from 250 to 1.500 mm pipe diameter

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