Exact Beveling Head
Exact Beveling Head

Exact Beveling Heads


  • Three different bevel angles (30°, 37,5° and 45°)
  • For Exact PipeBevel 220E and 360E beveling machines
  • The beveling head has 3 cutting inserts (sold seperately)

 Exact Pipe Cutting 

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Compulsory accessory for Exact PipeBevel 220E and 360E machines. Exact cutting head is supplied separately, as there are three different options available to choose from (the most used bevel angles 30°, 37.5° and 45°). As per your needs, you will have to choose at least one of the mentioned options for your PipeBevel 220E/360E.
Also the Exact Bevel Tips must be ordered separately, as those are not included in the default content. The cutting head has 3 cutting tips, each of them having 4 cutting edges to rotate once becoming blunt. Thanks to this, you will have a prolonged beveller blade tip life.
Exact Beveling Head
Bevel Angles
30°, 37,5°, 45°
Diameter blade holder
48 mm
Max. pipe wall
10 mm

Product overview

Part No.
Bevel angle
Suitable for
Steel, stainless steel
PB220E, PB360E
Steel, stainless steel
PB220E, PB360E
Steel, stainless steel
PB220E, PB360E
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Compulsory accessory for Exact PipeBevel 220E and 360E beveling machines, or more specifically, for the separately supplied Exact Cutting Head.

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