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Welding Rod Oven PWI 4EV

The welding rod oven PWI 4EV is ideal for drying and storing of welding electrodes and welding powder before welding, to avoid welding errors
hydrogen inclusions in the weld.

The stationary welding rod oven keeps the welding electrodes free of moisture to prevent hydrogen absorption of the weld during welding. The drying oven is equipped with 4 bases, for drying and storage of welding electrodes. Over the digital control panel can set the desired drying temperature steplessly or be selected. The drying oven consists of a stable powder-coated sheet steel construction. The 4 extendable shelves are heat-resistant coated up to 400 ° C. On the digital control panel, both the drying temperature and the Hold temperature can be adjusted continuously.

Welding Rod Oven PWI 4EV

Technical details / Advantages
  • Stationary
  • 4 subjects
  • Adjustable drying temperature
  • Air circulation
  • Capacity up to 6.000 electrodes a 3,25 mm and max. 300 kg welding powder
  • Max. temperature 400°C
Welding rod oven PWI 4EV
Welding rod oven PWI 4EV

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Welding Rod Oven PWI 4EV ✓ Stationary ✓ Extendable shelves ✓ Capacity up to 6.000 electrodes ✓ Up to 300 kg welding powder ✓ Max. temperature 400°C  ➤ LEARN MORE
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