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Electrode Oven PWI H15

The mobile electrode oven keeps the welding electrodes free of moisture at the welding site to prevent hydrogen absorption of the weld. The mobile oven is equipped with a handle and wheels for easy transport to the workplace. For an easier removal to the electrodes, the electrode oven is equipped with a pull-out basket.

Electrode Oven PWI H15

Technical details / Advantages:
  • Portable
  • Extendable basket
  • Thermostatic control
  • Capacity up to bis zu 200 electrodes a 3,25 mm
  • Max. temperature 300°C
Electrode Oven PWI H15
Electrode Oven PWI H15

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Electrode Oven PWI H15 ✓ Portable ✓ Basket for easier removal of the electrodes ✓ Max. temperature 300°C ✓ Capacity up to 200 electrodes ✓  ➤ LEARN MORE
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