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Mobile electrode oven for drying of welding electrodes

Electrode oven are used for the re-drying and storage of welding electrodes under moisture-free conditions.
These prevent the moisture penetration in welding electrodes, which welding problems prevented. The mobile electrode trays are also suitable for protecting already dried electrodes immediately at the workplace from renewed moisture. Consequently, the mobile devices are ideal for use on the construction site.  Depending on the type, the electrode ovens can accommodate up to 400 welding electrodes of 3.25 mm and achieve maximum temperatures up to 300°C.

  • Housing and cover double-walles insulated
  • Temperature up to 300°C
  • Connection cable with schuko plug 230 V
  • Thermostat with indicator light
  • Capacity up to 400 welding electrodes á 3,25 mm
  • Electrode basket for easier removal of the electrodes
  • Ergonomically handy carrying handle

Electrode Oven Type PWI

Technical details / Advantages:
  • Portable
  • Extendable basket
  • Capacity up to 400 electrodes a 3,25 mm
  • Max. temperature 300°C

Mobile Electrode oven
Mobile Electrode oven

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Product overview
Max. temperatur °C
100 welding electrodes
200 welding electrodes
400 welding electrodes
Mobile Electrode Oven ✓ Portable ✓ Extendable basket ✓ Max. temperature 300°C ✓ Capacity up to 400 electrodes ✓  ➤ LEARN MORE
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