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Flux Oven

The flux ovens are mainly used to store the welding electrodes after the drying cycle and before welding.
The innovative models are versatile and modular and have, depending on the model, 2.4 or 6 internal shelves. These are suitable for different load capacities and meet all the user's work requirements.

The housing of the flux ovens is made of epoxy powder coating painted steel sheet to withstand harsh working conditions such as moisture, corrosion and saline atmosphere. The inner chamber is made of galvanized sheet metal, heat resistant at 300 ° C. All ovens are thermally insulated with double walls and a special rock wool panel and are equipped with a programmable control board with thermoregulators.

Flux Oven Type PWI

Technical details / Advantages:
  • Stationary
  • Up to 6 subjects
  • Capacity: 9.000 welding electrodes á 3,25 mm and 450 kg welding powder
  • Max. temperature 250°C

Flux Oven
Flux Oven

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Product overview
Max. temperature °C
3.000 electrodes / max. 150 kg welding powder
6.000 electrodes / max. 300 kg welding powder
6.000 electrodes / max. 450 kg welding powder
Flux Oven ✓ Stationary ✓ Capacity up to 450 kg welding powder ✓ Up to 9.000 electrodes ✓ Max. temperature 400°C ✓ Thermostat control  ➤ LEARN MORE
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