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Pipe Welding Clamp DWT S47

Our steel pipe welding clamp type DWT S47 is a robust tool to align two pipes. The operation is lightweit and easy. Suitable for pipes from 4-7 inch.

Pipe Welding Clamp DWT S47

  • For centering and alignment pipes in welding process
  • Easy clamping, adjustment
  • Clamping screws with stainless steel ball head

Technical Details:
  • Clamping Range: 4 - 7 inch (102 - 177 mm)
  • Weight: 3,30 kg
  • Material: Steel

Pipe Welding Clamp DWT S47
Pipe Welding Clamp DWT S47

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Pipe Welding Clamp DWT S47 ✓ Easy assembling ✓ Perfect clamping and alignment ✓ Clamping Range 5102 - 177 mm  ➤ LEARN MORE
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