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Pipe stand Heavy Duty

With the pipe stand Heavy Duty large and heavy pipes can be laid down and aligned in a simple, fast and safe manner. Thus, pipes with a maximum outer diameter of 900 mm and a weight of 2,725 kg can be machined. According to the foldable property, this type is ideally suited for mobile use. A securing of the V-head prevents the slides from slipping off during the pipe handling. Steel Rollers are also as an additional equipment for the pipe jack available.

Pipe Stand Heavy Duty

Advantages / Properties:
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Double locking pin with retainer
  • Large Vee w/locking pin & retainer
  • Each pipe stand Including Vee head
  • Version „Medium“ and „Large“ foldable
Technical Details:
  • Capacity: 2.725 kg
  • Small: Hight 406 - 724 mm,
    weight 11,4 kg
  • Medium: Hight 673 - 1.130 mm,
    weight 16,8 kg
  • Medium: Hight 914 - 1.549 mm,
    weight 21,4 kg
Pipe Stand Heavy Duty
Pipe Stand Heavy Duty
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