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By using strong magnets and a special tool holder all DLW pipe cold cutter from 12 – 48 ‘’ can be converted to a deck cutter. This is a portable machine which is able to cut big holes in heavy wall plates.

  • Adjust the air motor pressure to lower setting for safety
  • Adjust the feed rate as normally from the feed bracket knob
  • After the cut is finished, cut-off piece will hang from the cut-off holder
  • After the cut is finished disengage magnets and lift up the complete system
Deck Cutter for pipe cold cutting machine
Deck Cutter for pipe cold cutting machine

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Deck Cutter ✓ Equipment for Pipe Cold Cutter ✓ Portable ✓ Cutting big holes in heavy wall plates ✓ Strong Magnets ➠  LEARN MORE
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