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Servo Drive for pipe cold cutting machines

The new motor option

To get the best performance in the machining process, many parameters are important: material, outside diameter, wall thickness, weld prep type, operator skills etc.

Usually the machines were equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic motors. Even though these drives deliver tremendous power, but due to lack of parameter control and information in the process the operator had to be very skilled and trained.

Nowadays, the cold cutting machines can be equipped with electrical driven servo drive motors, where speed, torque and current can be displayed, measured and stored during the cutting process. Additionally, this motor does not slow or strain under load. With this intelligent controller, the operator can work perfectly with different materials and pipe characteristics onsite, always choosing the correct settings by help of the controller.

The servo drive for the pipe cold cutting machines is delivered with geared motor and controller. It is available in a 230 V and 400 V version, furthermore, shock proof and corrosion proof with stainless steel housing, a big bright screen and emergency stop.

Servo Drive Motor Option

  • Available in 230V and 240V
  • For heavy wall cutting and beveling
  • Shock proof and corrosion proof
  • Big bright screen
  • Emergency stop
  • Speed, torque and current are controlled during the cutting & beveling process

Servo Drive Motor Option for Pipe Cold Cutting Machines
Servo Drive Motor Option for Pipe Cold Cutting Machines


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New Motor Option for Pipe Cold Cutting Machines ✓ 230V or 240V ✓ Heavy wall cutting and beveling ✓ Controlling speed and torque ✓  ➠  LEARN MORE
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