Pipe Preparation

Exact Cut+Bevel Blade

Special Blade for cutting and beveling all kind of plastic pipes. Suitable for Exact P400 and P400 battery.

Exact Cut+Bevel Blade

Technical details:
  • Diameter: 148 mm
  • Bore: 62 mm
  • Kerf: 2/30 mm
  • Teeths: 40/8 mm

For Machines/Materials:
  • Pipe Saws: P400, P400 battery
  • Materials: PE, PP, PVC etc.

Exact Cut+Bevel Blade
Exact Cut+Bevel Blade

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Exact Cut+Bevel Blade ✓ Cutting and beveling of plastic pipes ✓ Ø148 mm ✓ 2/30 mm Kerf ✓ For Exact Machines P400 and P400 battery ➠ LEARN MORE
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