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Exact Cut+Bevel 170E

Cut and bevel cast iron pipes
PipeCut+Bevel170E does something that a portable power tool has never done before: Cuts and bevels cast iron pipes in one process due to the cleverly designed diamond disc, you can adjust it to make correct 15 degree bevel to all commonly used pipe dimensions. When you need to connect pipes with socket joints the PipeCut+Bevel 170E saves time and money and prevents any leaks in the connected pipes. It is suitable also for PVC and other plastic pipes.

Exact Cut+Bevel 170E

Caracteristiques Techniques:
  • Diamètre: 15 - 170 mm
  • Epaisseur max.: 8 mm Acier , 14 mm Plastique
  • Poids: 5,7 kg
  • Alimentation: 220 - 240 V | 1010W
  • Vitesse á vide: 1.600 - 3.500 U/min
  • ø Lame: 140 mm
  • Axe Montage: 62 mm
Price includes:
  • Exact Cut+Bevel Type 170E
  • Cut+Bevel Diamond Disc
  • Shoulder bag
  • 4 x pipe support
  • Instructions
  • Allen keys 5 mm & 2 mm
  • DVD

Exact Cut+Bevel 170E
Exact Cut+Bevel 170E

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Exact Cut+Bevel Diamond Disc
Exact Cut+Bevel Diamond Disc
For iron cast, ductile pipes

Exact Cut+Bevel 170E  ✓ Cutting & beveling of iron cast pipes ✓  Working range 15 - 170 mm ✓ Max. wall thickness steel 8 mm plastics 14 mm ✓  ➠ LEARN MORE
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