Cutting PE Pipes

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Cutting thick-walled PE pipes

Easy cutting with the new Exact PipeCut P1000
With the brand new pipe saw type P1000, pipes with an outside diameter of up to 1,000 mm can be cut within a very short time. The saw offers a perfect cut quality free of any rework. Thick-walled pipes with a maximum wall thickness of 75 mm can be cut effortlessly. An optionally available special attachment enables the cutting of corrugated pipes.
Exact PipeCut P1000

Diverse fields of application

Cutting of any plastic pipes - even PE & corrugated pipes
Exact PipeCut P1000

Cutting thick-walled PE Pipes

Cutting plastic pipes with a maximum wall thickness of 75 mm
Exact PipeCut P1000

One PipeCut for all diameters

Cutting range OD: 60 - 1.000 mm

Applications Exact P1000

Pipe size DN500, wall thickness 30mm, material HDPE
Cutting of corrugated pipes with special equipment
Cutting PE pipe

Video of application: Cutting thick-walled PE Pipes and corrugated pipes

Exact PipeCut P1000

Technical details:
  • Cutting range OD: 60 - 1.000 mm
  • Max. wall thickness: 75 mm plastics
  • Weight: 11,5 kg
  • Voltage / Power:  230 V | 1.600 W
  • Speed selection: 2 stages (I = 1.900 r/min, II = 2.885 r/min)
  • ø Saw blade: 165 mm, 180 mm,190 mm, 250 mm
  • Mounting bore: 62 mm
  • Just one PipeCut for many pipe sizes
  • Cutting corrugated pipe with special equipment
  • Speed preselection
  • Ergonomic and safe working
  • Overload Protection
  • Reduced starting current
  • Portable, ideally suited for mobile use
  • Constant electronic control
Exact PipeCut P1000
Exact PipeCut P1000
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