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Exact Pipe Saw 360Air

A new pneumatic pipe saw In Exact family. It is designed mainly for to be used to cut assembeled pipes in a ditch, but it can be also used on the pipe supports like any other Exact pipe saw.

Features Exact Pipe Saw 360Air

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Long lifetime
  • ROI in a very short time
  • Probably the fastest cutting portable Air Saw in the World taking less than 1 minute to cut cast iron pipe material with 10“ O/D
  • Several cuts can be achieved before topping up the oiler system
  • Motor protection, the motor does not start if there is a lack of oil


  • Can cut pipes fixed in position in the trench
  • Can cut pipes easily with water under pressure inside
  • The lifetime of Exact Diamond disc is extremely long when cutting cast/duct iron pipes
  • Cutting cost very low due to the cost per cut
  • Capable of cutting whilst submerged in water

Exact Type 360Air

Technical details:
  • Cutting range: 100 - 350 mm
  • Max. wall thickness: Steel 20 mm, plastics 45 mm
  • Power: 4,6 HP
  • Weight: 26,7 kg
  • Required air pressure: 6 bar / 90 psi
  • Free flow: 4m³/min | 140 CFM
  • Operating temperature: +40°C bis -20°C
Price includes:
  • Exact Pipe Saw 360AIR
  • Shoulder bag
  • Instructions
  • DVD
  • Allen key

Exact Druckluft Rohrsäge 360Air
Exact Druckluft Rohrsäge 360Air

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Exact Pipe Saw 360Air ✓ Perfect pipe cutting ✓  Cutting range 100 - 350 mm ✓ Max. wall thickness: 45 mm ✓ Suitable for all kind of pipes  ➠ LEARN MORE
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