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Ground-breaking Solutions for Pipe Cutting and Finishing
Our pipe saws: Innovations that render pipe handling effortless, accurate and fast.

The pipe cutting machines are suitable for all pipes and materials. A single machine allows cutting pipes of greatly differing sizes. Pipe cutting is significantly faster as compared to traditional methods. The resulting surfaces are precise and of uniform quality – the pipes are ready for joining right away. The machines can be used almost anywhere, since in most countries they are approved for indoor use – for example, as compared to angle grinders, the fire hazards are substantially lesser.

More Informations:
Are you working onsite with metal pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes or cast iron pipes? Don’t go away then, you’re in for a treat.

Did you know that angle grinders are designed for grinding not cutting? Pipe saws are design for professionals cutting pipes onsite. We hate bad quality tools and we don’t think you should spend a fortune on your tools.

Our pipe saws are made for fast and safe cutting in situations when accurate and a good quality cut is the only option.

Typical pipe materials that are cut with our pipe saws are: stainless steel, copper, cast iron and carbon steel. Give us a shout if you hear about a material, that our machine can’t cut.

Stainless steel and copper are from quite different worlds. Most pipe materials don’t have that much in common. If you work with many pipe materials, you will be pleased to know that our pipe cutting machines have suitable blades for the most common pipe materials. As you might guess, the blades are easily swapped on the pipe cutting machine.

Most of our pipe cutting machines users come from industries like construction, chemical, infrastructure and shipyards.

Awards and patents don’t mean anything, if you don’t think our product is easy to use. We know this. We have patented our gripping system, which is the pillar stone that guarantees easy and safe working conditions for you.

A major difference between an angle grinder and our pipe saws is that the pipe doesn’t get hot. When you grind the pipe, it heats up and this unfortunately causes fires every now and then. When you cut e.g. cast iron pipes with our machines the pipe will be clean, cold and dry. Isn’t that just amazing? 
A few details about our products, that you might find interesting are:

    The pipe saws are supplied with pipe supports.
    The pipe and the supports are packed in one handy shoulder bag.
    Our metal pipe cutting product range covers an extremely wide range of pipe dimensions from 15mm (0,6 inch) up to 410mm (16,1 inch).
Exact vs. Angle grinder

Invest in your work safety

Before the introduction of the Exact pipe cutting machines there had been no innovation in the practice of cutting pipes for decades. Often workers had to use an angle grinder that is not only inaccurate but also presents a fire safety hazard and a risk for the worker.

Time is money

The Exact pipe cutting machine is able to cut 10 clean pipe cuts at the same time an angle grinder produces one rough cut.

Exact vs Angle Grinder
Cutting steel pipe

Cutting steel pipe

Exact Pipe Saws for cutting steel pipes

Cutting stainless steel pipe

Cutting stainless steel pipe

Exact Pipe Saws for cutting stainless steel pipes

Cutting steel pipe piles

Cutting steel pipe piles

Cutting pipe piles both vertically and horizontally.

Cutting iron cast pipe

Cutting iron cast pipe

Exact Pipe Saws for cutting iron cast pipes

Cutting plastic pipe

Cutting plastic pipe

Exact Pipe Saws for cutting plastic pipes

Cutting aluminium pipe

Cutting aluminium pipe

Exact Pipe Saws for cutting aluminium pipes

Cutting ventilation pipe

Cutting ventilation pipe

Exact Pipe Saws for cutting ventilation pipes

Pipe cut and bevel

Pipe cut and bevel

Exact Pipe Saws for pipe cutting and beveling

Exact PipeBench


The Pipe Bench is a real mate at renovation sites and it is also very handy for on-site pipe assembly jobs.

Saw blades for Exact Pipe Cutting Machines

Saw blades for Exact
Pipe Cutting Machines

TCT, Cermet and Diamond blades suitable for the Exact Pipe Cutting Machines

Exact Pipe Cutting Machines ✓ For all materials ✓ Fast ✓ Safe ✓ Durable ✓ Increase your productivity ✓ Professional pipe cutting ➠ Learn more
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