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Inserts for Pipe Beveler

The TiN duplex inserts for pipe beveler are coated with titanium nitrid and are field-proven since many years. Due to geometry and cutting edge of the insert they do a lotter better job than standard solid bits. Easy to be turned or changed on-site the extremely durable bits assure low costs, more precise operations by generating less heat and faster cut times increases productivity. The duplex TiN inserts are interchangeable in between several machines and cut down the operating expenses.

Inserts for Pipe Beveler

  • TiN duplex inserts 0°
  • TiN duplex inserts 30° / 37,5°
  • TiN customized duplex inserts
  • TiN j-prep duplex inserts

Inserts for Pipe Beveler
Inserts for Pipe Beveler

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Inserts for Beveling Machines ✓ TiN Duplex ✓ Coated with titianium nitrid ✓ Easy turning ✓ Interchangeable ✓ Durable ✓ Made in Germany ➠  LEARN MORE
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