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Pipe Chamfering Machine

Weld edge preparation done in seconds
The pipe chamfering machine is used for stationary and machinery pipe bevelling all kinds of tubes with high wall thickness. The rugged and rigid machine construction combined with heavy guides of the MFS series makes it the most stable and accurate machine on the market. By minimal material handling and easy use, the process time is kept to an absolute minimum.

The performance of the stationary chamfering machines determines the choice of a machine. It is the fastest working machine for machining (thick-walled) pipes made from duplex, stainless steel or hasteloy, for example. The minimal handling of materials required and the very short machining time make the MFS to some of the fastest on the market.

The MFS is an example of a machine that has been developed over the years to get the best possible quality machine for the end users. Every tube bevelling process is exactly the same, a welding robot will not find any irregularities. Thanks to a smart prism clamp, the pipe chamfering machine does not have changeover times. Together with optimum ease-of-use, this means ultra-short machining times and maximum efficiency.

Pipe chamfering machine

Technical details:
  • 4 several types available
  • Max. wall thickness: 25 mm
  • Max. diameter: 780 mm
  • Max. Feed: 300 mm
  • Feed operation: manual or electric
  • Drive: Electric
  • Heat exchanger constructions
  • Offshore
  • Constructions
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Shipyard
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pipeline constructions
Pipe Chamfering Machine MFS
Pipe Chamfering Machine MFS

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Further Informations:
Tailor-made heavyweights for perfect fusion edges
A heavy-duty machine that creates perfect orbital welding preps quickly and with great precision. That is the MFS, the next generation of pipe bevelling. Every part of these types are fully geared towards reliability and high-quality tube end facing. MFS is available in four models, for tubes with up to 8, 16, 24 or 30 inches.

The stationary MFS-serie is an example of a machine that has been developed over the years to get the best possible quality machine for end users. They are for pipe bevelling the fastest, most accurate and most durable solution on the market.

Highly precise
The solid construction and the heavy-duty guides of the machines guarantee ultra-stable accurate cutting and creates perfectly formed, identical seams, allowing the (automatic) orbital welding process to run smoothly.

Many options
All products have a large range. The smallest has a clamping range of 1-8" (31-219 mm); the largest is suitable for a diameter of 8-30" (219-780 mm). The chamfering machines are also highly versatile when it comes to weld types. Almost V seam, compound, flat, taper, chamber, facing etc. can be created.

Easy operation
The smallest machines have two speeds and are very easy to operate. The larger chamfering machines have a continously controllable drive. All the important functions can be accessed via a control panel with a clear layout: start/stop, cooling pump on/off, speed high/low, etc.

Inside diameter tracking system
This innovative tracking for the beveling machine follows the inner tube by a spring loaded roller and beveling mechanism. The I.D. tracking system is designed to keep track on out of round pipes and the result is a perfect accurate bevel on the edge, the tool holders are to be set in the head of the I.D. tracking system to get the required angles.

The perfect tooling is very important for a successful for machinery tube end facing. So far we have several tools for making a simple plain bevel, a compound bevel, a J prep, a J prep compound bevel and for internal beveling.

Features & Advantages of the Pipe Chamfering machine

Self-centering prism clamp

Advantages / Features:
To clamp the pipes, the tube chamfering machine uses a sophisticated prism clamp that holds all of the tube sizes within the range of the machine firmly in place. Together with an unique exchangeable disc holder set, this makes changeover time negliable. This holder can moved quickly and simply with a hand wheel or an electrical drive.

Prism Clamp
Prism Clamp

Large chip tray

Advantages / Features:
The large chip tray has a separator to filter the chips out of the coolant. MFS has a built-in pump for cooling fluid.

Chip tray
Chip tray

Powerful electric motors

Advantages / Features:
The more than adequate electric motor has two speeds and can be operated very simply.


Roller benches

Advantages / Features:
The RBT roller benches have been especially designed for use in combination with the MFS. The trough system with steel rollers makes it possible to roll the tube easily by hand into the machine. Just as the MFS machines the RBT roller benches are extra strong and robust and exceptionally suitable for heavy work.
Roller Benches for Pipe Chamfering Machine
Roller Benches for Pipe Chamfering Machine

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Pipe Chamfering Machine
✓ 4 several types available
✓ Max. wall thickness: 25 mm
✓ Max. diameter: 780 mm
✓ Max. Feed: 300 mm
✓ Drive: Electric
Application pipe chamfering
Application pipe chamfering
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