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Pipe Beveler MF3-R

The MF3-R is used for the preparation of pipe ends, i.e. to cut edges of individual pipes or membrane walls. Because of its small dimension it is particularly suitable for the preparation inside membrane wall ports. The MF3-R can optionally be equipped with a pneumatic or an electric motor.  

The clamping is done by a lever on the front side and the feed by a lever on the back of the machine. Besides its conventional use the MF3-R can additionally be attached to clamping devices (e.g. with a vice) to be used as a fixed bevel unit.

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Pipe beveler MF3-R

Technical details:
  • Clamping range OD-OD: 12 - 44,5 mm
  • Working range ID-OD: 9 - 44,50 mm
  • Max. wall thickness: 10 mm
  • Weld preparation form: facing, beveling of butt weld and U prep weld
  • Feed: manuell
  • Spindle stroke: 15 mm
  • Drive: Pneumatic/ Electric
  • High cutting capacity
  • Quick and secure clamping
  • Rugged and compact construction
  • Easy handling

Pipe Beveler MF3-R
Pipe Beveler MF3-R


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Pipe Beveler MF3-R ✓ High quality weld preparation ✓ Working Range max. 44,5 mm ✓ 10 mm max. wall-thickness ✓ Quality Made in Germany ➤ LEARN MORE
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