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All machines are used for on-site boiler tube repair and end prepping of finned tubes for water wall panels as well as for high pressure boiler components and single boiler tubes. The pipe beveler has a high metal removal rate, is easy to handle and constructed in a rugged and compact way. The machines have been developed by the boiler manufacturer BABCOCK for the need of their own maintenance people on-site. Their high working speed and quick readiness for use allow economic steam boiler manufacturing and steam boiler maintenance.
Pipe Beveler MF3-R


Clamping Range OD-OD: 0,47-1,75" (12-44,5 mm)
Working Range ID-OD: 0,35-1,75" (9-44,5 mm)
 Pipe wall thickness: Max. 10 mm

Pipe Beveler MF4-R


Clamping Range OD-OD: 1,74-3,5" (48,3-88,9mm)
Working Range ID-OD: 1,18-3,5" (30-88,9mm)
Pipe wall thickness: Max. 10 mm

Pipe Beveler MF2-25


Clamping Range OD-OD: 0,79 - 1,50" (20-38 mm)
Working Range ID-OD: 0,31 - 1,50" (8-38 mm)
Pipe wall thickness: Max. 15 mm

Pipe Beveler MF3-25


Clamping Range OD-OD: 0,79 - 2,5" (20-63,5 mm)
Working Range ID-OD: 0,49 - 2,5" (12,5-63,5 mm)
Pipe wall thickness: Max. 15 mm

Pipe Beveler MF3-25 XL

MF3-25 XL

Clamping Range OD-OD: 0,79-3,00" (20-76,1 mm)
Working Range ID-OD: 0,50-3,00" (12,5-76,1 mm)
Pipe wall thickness: Max. 15 mm

Pipe Beveler MF4


Clamping Range OD-OD: 1,50 - 5,33" (38-133 mm)
Working Range ID-OD: 0,94 - 5,33" (25-133 mm)
Pipe wall thickness: Max. 25 mm

Water wall panel repair
Water wall panel repair and a perfect weld preparation of water wall boilers is getting more and more important for modern boiler work. A high quality of finned tube bevel is crucial for the final result of boiler tube welding and avoids failures. For many years DWT offers a boiler fin removal tool for finned water wall panels and bevelling the tube in one single operation, which only can be done with an outside beveling machine to have a better grip . This shortens time in weld preparation of boiler repair work. 

Ultra supercritical boiler

The layout of industrial steam boilers is getting more and more sophisticated. Nowadays extremely high pressures and high temperatures in ultra-supercritical-steam-boiler requires high quality and specially designed boiler tubes to reduce failures in operation. These boilers, named ultra super critical boilers or supercritical boilers use smaller boiler pipes with very high wall-thickness and use also special materials, which are difficult to the model. The OD clamping  type the pipe beveler MF 2-25 is designed for narrow space applications in steam boiler service applications and is equipped with a powerful drive.
Simply the best way to bevel a pipe
The beveller has replaced the outdated use of torch, reed cutter, and grinder because of its precision and higher level of safety - especially for use on heavy wall pipes on-site. This is the most safe and fastest way of beveling. This equipment for on-site weld edge preparation of heavy wall pipes is the state of the art nowadays.

The pipe bevelers:

  • have a high metal removal rate
  • are easy to handle
  • are constructed in a rugged and compact way.

A perfect weld preparation of pipes is getting more and more important for modern work. The quality of weld edge before pipe welding is crucial for the final result. The DWT products have been developed for the need of maintenance people on-site or in the workshop. The portable machine is extremely low weight due to aluminum alloy construction so that it can be handled by one man easily. The range of beveling machines is outstanding and very competitive in daily use. By use of special titanium coated bits we reduce the expenses for consumables and make life even more easy on site, as the cutting tools can be used from both sides. The lifetime is much better than solid bits and cuts down the operating expenses.

Their high working speed and quick readiness for use allow economic and fast pipe beveling. The machines are available with pneumatic or electric motor and can do all kind of weld edge preparation, like flat facing, 30°, inside boring or j-prep for orbital welding, peel back of clad boiler tubes.

These operations can be done with all kind of materials like super duplex, high alloy pipe, P91 on single pipes or finned tubes depending on type of  machine.

Pipe Beveler Operation
All machines are equipped with a pneumatic or electric motor. The air supply of the pneumatic drive is done with a safety-turning valve, with which the motor is operated. By throttling the air supply, the motor speed can be controlled. After switching off the machine and the withdrawal of the tools, work can be continued directly. The electric drive is designed for a connection voltage of 230V/120V.   

The tube is carried by an exchangeable clamping shell and tightened by an adjustable lever. The centering works in the same way. The spindle is manually feed forward. Through the lever or a star wheel a fast process is possible.

Various tool bits, boiler fin removal tools, insert holders and tool holders with special blades can be used.

Portable Pipe beveler

✓ Accurate repetitive work
✓ Working Range OD max 133 mm
✓ boiler tube repair
✓ Quality made in Germany

Application pipe beveling
Application pipe beveling
Application beveling of membrane walls
Application beveling of membrane walls
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