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Boiler Pipe Manufacturer Seminar

Due to the increasing demand of manufacturing know-how in the energy sector the company DWT, Germany has announced for the first time in the year 2008 a boiler pipe manufacturer seminar. DWT is manufacturer of pipe and boiler panel wall beveling machines and produces under the brand name DWT BABCOCK. In cooperation with other professional suppliers of the power generating industries, like:
PEMAMEK Oy, Finland, boiler pipe welding systems for waterwall boilers
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SCHWARZE-ROBITEC GmbH, Germany, pipe bending systems for boiler pipes and membrane walls
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TH Wortelboer BV, Netherlands, stationary high speed beveling machines for boiler perssure parts
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Boiler Pipe Welding

How to improve boiler pipe welding and how to avoid and repair boiler pipe welding and how to avoid and repair boiler pipe failures.
First time the seminar has taken place in the city of Essen, Germany in the factory of DWT GmbH. More than 50 boiler experts from 15 countries around the world joined this special seminar, among them some big names like ALSTOM, VULCAN, STORK, COMELF, BABCOCK-WILCOX, RAFAKO, THERMAX. In this seminar effective solutions for productive manufacturing and repair of waterwall boilers, membrane walls, headers and heat exchangers have been presented. Theoretical lectures and practical demonstrations combined with factory visits made the seminar to a unique event for the boiler industry. In 2009 the seminar took place in Finland and already more than 80 boiler manufacturers were part of it.
Boiler Pipe manufactor seminar
Also in the year 2011 a seminar took place in Essen, Germany in the factory of DWT GmbH. More than 100 steam boiler manufacturers from more than 30 countries and 5 continents have been invited by DWT. Beside interesting practical demonstrations and theoretical lecture, the participants got the great chance to take part in the new program "Magical Places" in the Gasometer in the city of Oberhausen. A completely successful seminar and an intensive and cost-effective platform to showcase the global audience our technologies.
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