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Pipe beveling equipment

The only Pipe beveling equipment designed by endusers with on-site "know how"

BABCOCK has developed the pipe beveling equipment for pipe beveling of heavy wall pipe with the know-how of their own people on-site. DWT GmbH in Essen, Germany is the license  maker of the pipe beveling equipment for pipe welding applications, to be used for heavy wall pipes, finned boiler tubes and water wall panel walls. Pipe edge preparation is the first and important step in the pipe welding process. Especially for heavy wall pipes the weld edge of the pipe end must be in a perfect shape to achieve the best welding result.

We created a unique product range for the need of the worldwide pipe related industry, where the materials become more and more sophisticated. Nowadays the wall thickness increases and materials are extremely difficult to machine. Our pipe beveling machine is able to fulfill the need of modern pipe world no matter what material or wall thickness. The portable machines are light in weight so that it can be handled by one man even climbing up ladders and scaffolds.

The product range of the pipe beveling equipment for weld edge preparation of pipes is outstanding and very competitive.
  • extremely low weight due to aluminum construction
  • fast and secure clamping
  • inside and outside clamping machines
  • high power ratio, rugged and compact design
  • easy and safe to operate
  • very flexible for multiple operations in weld edge preparation
  • perfect quality of pipe bevel
Pipe Bevelling Machine

Pipe Bevelling Machine

for easy-to-fit pipe welding

Pipe beveler

Pipe Beveler

Pipe beveler for on-site boiler pipe edge preparation

Pipe beveling machines

Pipe Beveling Machines

Portable Pipe beveling machines with internal clamping

Elbow Beveling Machines

Elbow Beveling Machines

Portable add-on for our pipe beveling machines

Pipe chamfering machine

Pipe Chamfering Machine

Pipe chamfering machine for weld edge preparation

Heat Exchanger Repair with MF3iw

Heat Exchanger Repair

Pipe beveling machines to repair existing heat exchangers

Tools for pipe beveling


Tool holder, tool bits, insert holder and inserts

Pipe Beveling Equipment ✓ Pipe Beveler ✓ Pipe Chamfering ✓ Elbow Beveling ✓ Easy to fit ✓ High Quality made in Germany   ➠ LEARN MORE
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