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Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine for pipes

The new magnetic drilling machine TUBE.55/AIR is suitable for both flat and pipe material and for both drilling and tapping. Unique flexible features for pipes of various sizes. ATEX certified for explosive atmospheres.
Advantages Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine
  • Air powered motor system
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Spark-free (explosion-safe) motor
  • Anti-static construction
  • Large stroke for drilling deeper holes
  • Also available with permanet base magnet
Magnet benefits:
  • No electricity required for magnetic base
  • No loss of magnetic grip due to unintentional power loss
  • Powerful hold on a wide range of steel thickness, curved and flat
  • No special attachments needed for flat or curved surfaces
  • Highly stable wide stance
  • Minimal material thickness 3 mm
  • Minimal pipe diameter 80 mm
  • Magnets allow the machine to swing away for hole inspection or debris removal while keeping position

Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine TUBE.55/AIR

Technical details:
  • Annular cutters: Ø 12 - 55 mm
  • Twist drills: Ø 1 - 23 mm
  • Length: 345 mm
  • Width 245 mm
  • Heigth: 630 - 730 mm
  • Stroke: 167 mm
  • Weight: 16,7 kg

  • Magnet: 275 x 190 x 80 mm
  • Magnetic force: 900 kg
  • Speed (no load) 350 RPM
  • Spindle: MT3 19,05 mm Weldon
  • Power source: Air, min. 6,3 bar, max. 8 bar
  • Consumption: 1,1 m³/min

Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine for pipes
Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine for pipes
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