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FAQ about Pipe Cutting Machines

What is pipe cutting?
Pipe cutting is the process of separating or rather chipping pipes. The goal is to get a perfect 90° cut end. This cut end is important for further pipe end preparation. For example pipe beveling.

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How to cut a pipe?
There are several possibilities to cut a pipe. With a handheld tube cutter for small and thin tubes, a bow saw for pipes, an angle grinder or with a pipe cutting machine. The easiest and safest way to cut a pipe is the usage of an electrical pipe cutting machine. The machine will be fast and precise clamped on the pipe in which it aligns itself.

As soon as the cutting blade starts to cut, the pipe is turned until the cutting process is done.

Pipe cutter vs angle grinder

How does a pipe cutter work?
Two clamping jaws fix the pipe and align it parallel. The saw blade is immersed in the pipe and locks in at the lowest point. Through the rotation of the pipe, a cut all around the pipe is done.

Video of application

Will a pipe cutter cut steel?
With our electric pipe cutting machine it is possible to cut steel pipes up to a wall thickness of 0,39” (10 mm).Pneumatic driven pipe cutters are able to seperate steel pipes with a max. wall thickness of 1,49” (38 mm).

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Will a pipe cutter cut pvc?
All kinds of pvc or plastic pipes can be cold cut with a pipe cutting machine. Plastic pipes, which require a bevel, can be cut and beveled in one step. Completely according to regulation!

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Will a pipe cutter cut stainless steel?
The pipe cutting machine with adjustable speed and equipped with a Cermet saw blade is able to cut stainless steel pipes. The result is a perfect cut.

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Will a pipe cutter cut copper?
Each pipe cutting machine can cut copper pipes with a range from 0,59” (15mm) – 14,17” (360 mm) pipe OD.

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