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What is a pipe beveler?
A pipe beveler is a mechanized machine and is used for the facing  of pipe ends, i.e. cutting of welding edges at individual pipes or membrane walls. Because of its small dimension it is particularly suitable for the preparation inside membrane wall ports.

Pipe before bevelingPipe after bevelingMembrane wall before bevelingMembrane wall after beveling
Pipe before beveling                       Pipe after beveling                       Membrane wall before beveling        Membrane wall after beveling

How to use a pipe beveler?
The pipe beveler is driven with a pneumatic or electric motor.

The air supply of the pneumatic drive is done with a safety-turning valve, with which the motor is operated. By throttling the air supply, the motor speed can be controlled. The motor speed decreases with an increasing load, which can lead in extreme cases to a machine stop. Damages do not have to be feared, even if this occurs repeatedly. After switching off the machine and the withdrawal of the milling tools, work can be continued directly.

The electric drive is designed for a connection voltage of 230V/120V.

A hand wheel can adjust the desired speed continuously. The desired speed is constantly kept on the same level at all load conditions by an installed electronic speed controller. Therefore, motors with electronic control should not be operated at the maximum possible load over a long period of time to avoid damages caused by blocking or overheating.

The pipe is carried by an exchangeable clamping shell and tightened by a lever.

The milling spindle is manually fed forward. Through a star wheel or a lever it can be controlled accurately.

Various tool tip milling cutters, crown milling cutters, tool tip holder, blade holder with special blades can be used.

Useage of a pipe beveler

What is the difference between a pipe beveler and a pipe beveling machine?
DWT separates these two type of machines as follow:
  • Pipe Bevelers are outside clamping machines
  • Pipe Beveling machines are inside clamping machines
Outside clamping pipe bevelerInside clamping pipe beveling machine
Pipe Beveler - Outside Clamping        Pipe Beveling Machine - Inside Clamping
What kind of tools are available for pipe bevelers?
  • HSS blades 0° and 30° for facing and beveling, HSS blades 10° internal long/short and 8° internal for counter boring and HSS blades for J-prep (only for MF3-25, MF4 and MF4-R)
  • TiN inserts 0°, 30° and 37,5°
  • Custom bits
  • Insert holders and tool holders
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How to use a pipe beveler? What is a pipe beveler? Which welding seams can be made? Questions about questions find here the right answer
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