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Exact Saw Blade TCT 140

The TCT 140 Saw Blade is designed for cutting pipes made of steel, copper and plastics. Suitable for pipe saws type 170, 170E and 220E.

Exact Saw Blade TCT 140

Technical details:
  • Diameter: 140 mm
  • Bore: 62 mm
  • Kerf: 1,8 mm
  • Teeths: 48 mm

For Machines/Materials:
  • Pipe Saws: 170, 170E, 220E
  • Materials: Steel, copper, plastics

Exact Saw Blade TCT 140
Exact Saw Blade TCT 140

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Exact Saw Blade TCT 140 ✓ Cutting Materials: steel, copper plastics ✓ Ø140 mm ✓ 46 teeth✓ 1,8 mm kerf ✓ For Pipe Saws 170, 170E, 220E ➠ LEARN MORE
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